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Security guard Ben must prove himself to his girlfriend's brother, top police officer James. He rides along James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta.
Ben must prove he is good enough to date cop James' sister. By doing this he goes on a "Ride Along" to show that he is not weak and he will do whatever it takes to get James' approval but along the way runs into a few obstacles that he has to overcome in a very funny way.
Ride Along-movie review Expecting to die laughing from this movie? Rookie mistake.<br/><br/>There was an era when low budget, black action comedy was thriving. Films like All About the Benjamins, Big Mamma and Friday were an excuse to escape for a good hour and a half to just let down your hair…err…afro, and laugh. It was fun because you weren&#39;t sure whether they were bout to bust a cap in yo ass, or tell a joke, which made it all the more humorous. And then Michael Bay&#39;s Bad Boys 2 came along and changed the game.<br/><br/>Ride Along is a return to that era and the Cube-Hart partnership came at an opportune time. A nervous &#39;Yes&#39; was probably the response to Ice Cube&#39;s incessant &#39;Are We There Yet?&#39; query to his expiring career trajectory (see what I did there?), whereas Kevin Hart is in his moment. His stand up stuff is a hit and the screen can&#39;t get enough of him…buuut you know what, the fat lady is starting to clear her throat.<br/><br/>Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is a short, fumbling, security guard/aspiring police officer who can somehow afford an HD TV and a 24 hour online gaming system. He also happens to be dating a tall hottie, the sister of a veteran bad ass cop, James Payton (Ice Cube) who is trying to bring down an elusive crime lord called Omar. Barber is desperate to impress Payton, the only family his girl has and so tags along on Payton&#39;s shift. Before long we get &#39;I&#39;m short&#39;, fumbling, let me &#39;explain myself&#39; jokes. I&#39;ve already seen that stuff a thousand times before with Kevin Hart…and it&#39;s getting worrying because he&#39;s got like 99 other projects coming up and needs to learn to diversify quick.<br/><br/>The story is relatable enough though. Having gone through several foster care homes with his sister, Payton wants a man who can take care of her, and Barber wants to show that he&#39;s that man, even though he&#39;s constantly needing Payton to bail him out when his ever yapping mouth gets him in sticky situations.<br/><br/>Although at times it almost felt like the Two Stooges from the hood, there are some genuinely funny moments; though most of those you saw on the trailer. The action isn&#39;t half bad but not good either and I&#39;ll admit, there was good chemistry between the lead actors.<br/><br/>There is a neat little twist at the end but I thought that Laurence Fishburne did not fit his role. It&#39;s a bit of a surprise reveal, so I won&#39;t say too much about it other than, it was not your typical Fishburne role, hence for me it just didn&#39;t work. Not because you can&#39;t be diverse, but it didn&#39;t fit him.<br/><br/>All in all, it&#39;s a good little film. Trust me, I expected a lot worse from the director of the worst comic book film franchise of all time. The silver lining (get it? Silver? No? Oh well..) is that after making more than quadruple its budget at the box office, the sequel has already been announced.
&#39;RIDE ALONG&#39;: Four Stars (Out of Five)<br/><br/>Kevin Hart and Ice Cube team up for this &#39;odd couple&#39; buddy cop movie directed by Tim Story (who also directed Cube in 2002&#39;s &#39;BARBERSHOP&#39;). It&#39;s about a tough cop taking his sister&#39;s boyfriend (a security guard who wants to join the Atlanta police force) on a &#39;ride along&#39; for a day (in order to scare him out of becoming a police officer and to prove he&#39;s not worthy of marrying his sister). The film was written by Greg Coolidge, Jason Mantzoukas, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. It co-stars Tika Sumpter, John Leguizamo, Bryan Callen, Bruce McGill and Laurence Fishburne. While the action scenes leave something to be desired the movie is still funny enough to make it more than worthwhile. It&#39;s also a great leading man vehicle for Kevin Hart!<br/><br/>Hart plays Ben Barber, a security guard at a local high school who&#39;s in love with his girlfriend, Angela Payton (Sumpter), and plans to marry her. He spends most of his free time playing combat video games and dreams of becoming a cop. Angela&#39;s brother, James (Cube), is one of the toughest detectives around (Atlanta) but he hates Ben. When Ben asks James&#39;s blessing to marry his sister James comes up with the idea of taking him on a &#39;ride along&#39; of the city for a day. He&#39;s hoping it will not only scare him out of becoming a police officer but make him realize he&#39;s not worthy of marrying Angela. During the &#39;ride along&#39; the two unwittingly become involved in a high profile case James has been working on (to catch a dangerous criminal known as Omar). <br/><br/>The movie is the first huge hit of 2014 ($48 million in the first weekend)! This officially proves Hart is a bankable &#39;leading man&#39; movie star. Before now he&#39;s been known as a popular comedian and supporting actor in movies but now he should start getting a lot more starring roles in big comedy flicks. He&#39;s great in this (although his fast-talking hyper style does get a little annoying by film&#39;s end). Cube is the perfect &#39;odd couple&#39; actor to cast opposite Hart and the two together make the movie a very funny film going experience (I&#39;m glad they went with Hart over a white actor, like the part was originally written for). The action scenes could have been directed with better style but if you&#39;re looking for laughs this film definitely delivers. It&#39;s perfect &#39;cop buddy&#39; film material and a great way for Hart to show off his talents.<br/><br/>Watch our movie review show &#39;MOVIE TALK&#39; at:
A lazy and listless buddy-cop action-comedy that fades from memory as quickly as its generic title.

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